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RE: +++802SEC Ballot: Forward 802.16.2 to Sponsor Ballot

Jim,  I approve.  Looks like diligent work to me !!!
Thanx,  Buzz
Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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Seattle, WA  98124-2207
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> ----------
> From: 	Jim Carlo[]
> Reply To:
> Sent: 	Tuesday, February 20, 2001 5:48 AM
> To: 	IEEE802
> Subject: 	+++802SEC Ballot: Forward 802.16.2 to Sponsor Ballot
> Issue Date: 19Feb2001 Closing Date: 29Feb2001
> Moved By: Roger Marks 
> MOTION: To forward IEEE Draft 802.16.2/D2-2001 ("Recommended Practice 
> for Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems") for Sponsor Ballot.
> Notes: From Roger Marks
> Here is an explanation:
> (1) The Working Group Letter Ballot results are clean. 802.16's 
> Letter Ballot #2, ("To approve Document IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000 and 
> forward it for Sponsor Ballot") ran from 11-17 to 12-27-2000. The results were:
> Approve: 69   Disapprove: 4   Approval Ratio: 94.5% [75% required]
> Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:   61.9% [50% required]
> Comments: 147
> Following the 10-day Recirculation Ballot #2a of the resolutions 
> developed by the editorial committee, the vote status was:
> Approve: 70   Disapprove: 3   Approval Ratio: 95.9% [75% required]
> Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:   61.9% [50% required]
> Comments: 23
> Following comment resolution at 802.16's January interim, all three 
> of the negatives voters agreed to vote Approve. Therefore, there were 
> no negative comments to include in the following 10-day Recirculation 
> Ballot #2b. The recirc referred only to the set of comment 
> resolutions, an updated draft (802.16.2/D2-2001), and a marked-up 
> draft showing the changes between D2 and D1. Recirc #2b stated the 
> motion as follows: "To approve the proposed resolutions (as 
> represented in Document IEEE 802.16-01/06) of comments received in 
> 802.16 Recirculation Ballot #2a, and to forward, for Sponsor Ballot, 
> the resulting Draft Standard (IEEE 802.16.2/D2-2001". Only three 
> votes were received in this final recirc; these were votes of 
> "Approve without comments" received from the three voters who were 
> negative following Recirc #2a. Therefore, ballot is declared closed 
> and final. The final vote tally is:
> Approve: 73   Disapprove: 0   Approval Ratio: 100% [75% required]
> Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:  61.9% [50% required]
> In summary, the document we want to send for Sponsor Ballot is 
> identical to the one that completed Recirc #2a with 100% approval and 
> no new comments.
> At our January interim, following a presentation of the comment 
> resolution results, 802.16 unanimously passed a motion "To initiate 
> Sponsor Ballot of IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000, subject to successful 
> completion of final recirculation ballot."
> For a full, documented report of the Letter Ballot, see 
> <>.
> (2) We are asking for an email vote because it is essential to our 
> schedule. We believe that approval will give us a realistic chance of 
> making the June RevCom agenda. Here is the schedule to get us there:
> Note that our invitation to participate in the Sponsor Ballot Group 
> (IEEE-SA's first-ever electronic one) expires tonight. While the SEC 
> approval vote takes place, we will have time to put a Ballot Group together.
> I'd like to acknowledge the great efforts of our Task Group 2, 
> particularly the Chair, Phil Whitehead, and the Editor, Muya Wachira. 
> I'd also like to thank Howard Frazier, who helped me through the 
> process by explaining the subtle unwritten rules of balloting, and 
> Geoff Thompson, who advised me on the creation of an electronic balloting tool.
> Notice that our schedule indicates SEC approval of this motion by > 
> March 1. I hope the SEC will be able to meet this deadline.
> Thanks,
> Roger