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RE: REGS Planned invitation FCC staff member to Hilton Head meeting

Vic Hi!
I like to propose that your statement that 802.16 is "primarily interested
licensed spectrum" is at best misleading and at worst biased and should be
deleted (what does primary mean in this context and why pick on 802.16 only
to describe their primary concern? ) or better yet if you prefer to be more
descriptive it should be modified to read that 802.16 is interested in both
licensed and unlicensed spectrum while the 802.11 and 802.15 are only
interested in unlicensed LAN spectrum. 

Dr. Demosthenes J. Kostas
Director, Industry Standards
Adaptive Broadband Corporation

3314 Dartmouth Ave
Dallas, TX 75205  USA

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From: Hayes, Vic (Vic) []
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2001 6:52 AM
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Subject: REGS Planned invitation FCC staff member to Hilton Head meeting


Please find below, for your information, the text that I plan to send
Tuesday morning Central European time.

From Vic Hayes, IEEE 802 Ombudsman, Regulatory issues

Dear Julie,

IEEE 802 is the Standards Committee for Local and Metropolitan Networks. It
is sponsored by the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers.

Within this committee are three working groups active in creating and
maintaining interoperability standards for wireless communications of
broadband computer data as well as voice or video. IEEE 802.11 is extending
its standards for wireless Local Area Networks, while IEEE 802.15 and 802.16
are developing Standards and Recommended Practices for wireless Personal
Area Networks and wireless Metropolitan Area Networks, respectively.

All three of these groups have interest in the use of radio spectrum
according to Part 15 rules; although 802.16 is primarily interested in
licensed spectrum. 

IEEE 802 would like to invite you to attend our next meeting in order that
you might:
1.	present  a tutorial on the way the FCC and the OET operate and to
discuss Commission plans to initiate a rule making to amend the spread
spectrum rules (Tuesday evening)
2.	attend some of the Working Group meetings to appreciate the issues
regarding the regulatory effects on the wireless specifications
3.	personally see several Part 15 networks (IEEE 802.11b) operating
with compatible products to aid the meeting efficiency 
4.	attend some of the Working Group meetings to observe the consensus
method used
5.	subject to your availability, attend one or more of the IEEE
Standards Board meetings. The Standards Board is the ultimate body
responsible for IEEE Standards approval. 

The IEEE 802 meetings are scheduled from the morning of Monday 12 March
through Thursday (until midnight).The IEEE Standards Board meetings are
scheduled from 15 to 17 March.

The meeting venue is the:
		Hilton Head Marriott Beach & Golf Resort
		1 Hotel Circle, 
		Hilton Head Island, SC  29928
		Hotel Phone (843) 686-8400

We invite you for the whole week to observe these activities, but we hope
you can attend at least from Tuesday noon until Thursday noon.

IEEE 802 will waive your registration fee as part of the invitation to give
a tutorial on Tuesday evening. 

Please let us know if and when you will attend and we will make the
necessary arrangements.

Looking forward to hear from you regarding your decision.

cc: Jim Carlo, IEEE 802 Chair

Vic Hayes
Agere Systems Nederland B.V., formerly Lucent Technologies 
Zadelstede 1-10
3431 JZ  Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 609 7528 (Time Zone UTC + 1)
FAX: +31 30 609 7556
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