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RE: [802SEC] FW: Request of Stds Bd members to Evaluate Patent Letter of Assurance Template

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It isn't clear to me whether the intent is to only accept this form once it
has been approved or whether companies will also be able to submit their own

The wording of 1. and 2:
The Patent Holder is prepared to grant a free license* to an unrestricted
number of applicants on a worldwide, non-discriminatory basis to comply with
the [ Proposed ] IEEE Standard.
Dosen't make sense to me. The reference for the phrase "to comply with the
... IEEE Standard" isn't clear. The most sraight forward reading is that the
patent holder is complying with the standard which isn't correct. What I
think is meant is something more like the license will cover products made
to comply with the standard. That is, the patent holder isn't necessarily
agreeing to issue licenses for using the patent in any kind of product. The
commitment is to the extent necessary to allow building products that meet
the standard.

I'm also not sure that "The patent holder is prepared to ..." means that
"The patent holder will ..." Maybe it is a legalism that I don't understand,
but it seems to me that just because you have made preparations to do
something doesn't mean you will do that thing when the situation arises.


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Subject: [802SEC] FW: Request of Stds Bd members to Evaluate Patent
Letter of Assurance Template

Clyde Camp, chair of PatCom is soliciting comments on the letters below. I
will collect comments (unless someone else volunteers to do so).

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Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 9:02 AM
Subject: Request of Stds Bd members to Evaluate Patent Letter of
Assurance Template

Dear Standards Board Member,

Please review the attached explanatory letter and patent letter of
assurance template.

PatCom requests, as stated in the explanatory letter, that the template be
properly evaluated and feedback given prior to the June PatCom meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please can contact Clyde Camp (,
PatCom Chair, or you can contact me.


David L. Ringle
RevCom Administrator
IEEE Standards Activities Dept.

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