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Re: [802SEC] Spam on email reflectors

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802.16 doesn't. One major problem with restriction is that many 
people use different return addresses, depending on their 
circumstance when they send the note. The restricted reflector is set 
up to accept only one of these. There will be a lot of bounces, 
although maybe people can get used to this.

Another option is to set the "taboo body" parameter to auto-bounce 
messages with certain unacceptable words. This is a crude way to 
filter spam. I'm hesitant to start writing a list of such words. 
Perhaps the spammers are clever enough to avoid this kind of trap 

I've been hoping that some creative person in the IEEE IT department 
will find a brilliant solution.


>Replies sent only to originator.  Use "reply all" to reply to the list
>I recall a recent spate of spam on the SEC reflector and the
>discussion on whether posting policies should be open or
>My reflector just got spammed today and some of my members
>have suggested I restrict posting to members of the
>mailing list.
>Does any other group restrict access in a similar manner?
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