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[802SEC] 802.1 Maintenance PARs

This is advance warning under the 30-day rule that 802.1 plans to submit 3 
maintenance PARs for Exec approval in July, to cover maintenance of 802.1D, 
802.1Q, and 802.1X. Drafts of these PARs can be seen at the following URLs: (802.1D 
maintenance) (802.1Q 
maintenance) (802.1X 


The previous maintenance projects for 802.1D and 802.1Q (802.1t and 802.1u) 
have now completed, and have been published. Both 802.1D and 802.1Q have 
been enhanced by the addition of extra functionality, as defined in 802.1v, 
about to be published, and 802.1w, which has been submitted to RevCom's 
June meeting. P802.1X has also been submitted to RevCom for approval at the 
June meeting.

These PARs will allow us to conduct and document ongoing maintenance work 
relative to these three standards.