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[802SEC] Re:

Dear Sofia

IEEE 802 has never had a project of this sort. I can't identify any 
standards groups that have. That certainly doesn't mean there aren't any.

Take a look at the web site the HomePlug Powerline Alliance 

That should be closer to where you want to hit.

Good luck

Geoff Thompson

At 07:59 PM 6/7/01 +0000, sofia skreka wrote:
>     I am student in BEng  Electronics in the University of Coventry. For 
> my final year project requirement, I got to design and build a AC mains 
> modem for transmitting of either digital or analog data through normal 
> domestic power lines.
>     I am looking for circuit designs and implementation techniques for this.
>     I would like to emphasize that this is purely for academic purposes 
> and of no commercial intend.
>    If the above are not deem suitable to be released to me, I would 
> appreciate any links or tips on where I can get more information on the 
> topic. I really hope you can help me in this, as is been very tough on my 
> research work so far.
>         Thank you for your time.
>Sofia Skreka