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RE: [802SEC] Interest in moving the July Friday SEC meeting start to 1pm from 4pm?


When I started chairing 802.3, the Working Group meetings often ran until 5
PM and the Exec started at 7 PM. I found that two hours was enough to read
material for the meeting that arrived in my inbox during Thursday and to
prepare motions and reports. 

Increasing the gap between end of WG meetings and start of the closing
plenary makes the meeting less accessible to observers especially when the
meeting starts so late that people would have to stay over Friday night and
fly Saturday. Many of us already travel on Sunday or even Saturday to get to
the meeting. Concern that the closing Exec would be less accessible to
Working Group members was even expressed Monday when it was only being moved
to Friday morning.

Also, the decision seems to have been made with little chance for Working
Group input. Looking at the March minutes, on Monday the Exec set the
closing plenary for Friday morning. This decision was announced to 802
participants at the plenary. Nothing in the minutes indicates that there was
any tentativeness to this decision and I do not recall it coming up during
the 802.3 Working Group minutes (the minutes of 802.3 support this
recollection). Based on Monday's input, 802.3 moved its closing plenary to
Thursday afternoon.  

Then Thursday at nearly midnight with little chance for Working Group input,
the closing plenary is moved to 8 hours later. Changing the time at that
late point with no notice to a large Working Group makes it very difficult
for Working Group members to observe the plenary as it will start a full day
after the time set for 802.3's closing plenary. 

I've looked at the meeting announcement for Portland. The agenda reflects
the change in time of the Exec meeting but this change from the schedule
that was announced at the March Plenary is not highlighted in any way. It
should have been up front in the meeting announcement such that it could not
be missed. At this point, many people already have their flight

The way this has been handled will give a very poor impression of the
openness of the 802 Exec. The time of the closing Exec should not be changed
after the opening Exec meeting of the prior meeting because Working Groups
should be able to plan their next plenary and people should be able to
believe announcements made at the plenary.  It seems that as soon as the
Exec removed their meeting times from the Operating Rules they are abusing
the new latitude.

We are probably in a situation now where it is not possible to move the time
back to the original Friday morning time as some Working Groups have changed
their schedules, but it should be moved to as early on Friday as possible.


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> Subject:	RE: [802SEC] Interest in moving the July Friday SEC meeting
> start to 1pm from 4pm?
> Paul,
> I disagree with the earlier start of the SEC meeting. Just as Bob, I want
> to be able to follow all that happens in IEEE 802.11 and then have to
> prepare reports/motions etc. for the SEC.
> What I did not heard from my colleagues was the need for them to read the
> material that came to the SEC from other Working Groups and that will be
> put on a vote. 
> The time to read the SEC submissions is for me an important argument to
> keep the start at 4 PM.
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> From: 	Paul Nikolich[]
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> Subject: 	[802SEC] Interest in moving the July Friday SEC meeting
> start to 1pm from 4pm?
> It has come to my attention that most working groups will complete their
> work by 12pm Friday at the July plenary and there is interest among
> several
> SEC members to move the time of the SEC meeting to 1pm-5pm from 4pm-8pm.
> SEC members: please respond to both myself and Dawn by close of business
> Monday June 11th if you would like to start the SEC meeting at 1pm or
> prefer to leave it starting at 4pm.
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich
> 802 Vice Chair