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[802SEC] Fwd: P802.1X Approval Notification

802.1X is now officially an IEEE standard (see below).

My thanks to all who contributed to the successful development of this 


>RE: NEW P802.1X/D11 (C/LM) Standard for Port Based Network Access Control
>Dear Tony:
>I am pleased to inform you that P802.1X was approved as a new standard by
>the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 14 June 2001.  A copy of the document will
>be forwarded to the Standards Publications Department.  The editor assigned
>to work on the project will contact you.
>All IEEE standards shall be updated within five years of the date of
>publication.  If the standard is not revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn
>within five years, the sponsor will be notified that it will be submitted
>to the Standards Board for administrative withdrawal.
>Please contact me if you have any questions prior to speaking with your
>David L. Ringle
>RevCom Administrator
>IEEE Standards Activities Dept.
>445 Hoes Lane                                         PH: +1 732 562 3806
>PO Box 1331                                             FX: +1 732 562 1571
>Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331