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Re: [802SEC] Tutorials


I would suggest that the first thing that needs to be done is to get the 
web page:

up to date. That would make it even more obvious, down to the detail level, 
(per the example of 11/98) as to what presentations were needed to get 
things up to date. We could even put the sponsoring chair's name on each 
title that is missing a file to put us all on the appropriate hot seat.


At 10:34 AM 7/17/01 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>It has been brought to my attention that the tutorial section of the web
>site is woefully out of date.  I would like to remind the chairs that
>sponsor these tutorials that it is your responsibility to get an electronic
>copy of the tutorial materials to me, so that I may post it on the web site.
>I would suggest that the chairs examine to see
>just how bad this situation has gotten.  If you have sponsored a tutorial
>that is not available for download from that page, please contact the
>presenters and obtain a copy of their materials.  I will post the tutorials,
>as I receive them.
>  -Bob
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