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[802SEC] distributed servers for IEEE 802 standards

I recall that Jerry Walker raised this point in Portland. Here are 
some additional details.

>WEB PAGE LOAD TIMES DECREASE: The IEEE is now using content delivery
>technology to improve response time of its Web pages. Content such as
>graphics and PDF files is being moved to 9,700 servers maintained by Akami
>in 56 countries. When users access a page, they will receive this content
>from the server closest to them so the page loads more quickly.
>      The new process already has been implemented for the IEEE home page,
>Standards 802 offerings, the Travel Online home page and the search page
>and will eventually be extended to the entire IEEE main site.
>      For information, contact Casey Della Salla - IEEE Information
>Technology - telephone +1 732 562 at MailTo: "".