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RE: [802SEC] Standards CD-ROM

Mike and Bob,

The cost to the treasury of creating the CD-ROMs is pretty small - on the
order of $1000 though it may be a bit higher this time because of our
greater numbers. The real cost is the time from a few members to prepare the
material and get the production arranged.

My leaning would be to keep doing it because:
  a. Standards developers need to be able to refer to the latest drafts when
creating new standards and supplements.
  b. Discontinuing the CD could send the message that the financial support
802 is giving to  increase 802 standards availability has reduced the
availability to the 802 participants.

But that depends on having the willing volunteers to get the CD ready. Geoff
has always been very involved with that and others may have assisted him.


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From: Bob O'Hara []
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 4:11 PM
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I tend to agree with you.  I carry only a handful of CD-ROMs with me and the
802 standards CD is one of them (though I do have the 802.11, 802.3 and
802.1 stuff on my hard drive, too).  I will have to let Bob G respond as to
the cost of the program.

My feeling on having 802 provide these CD-ROMs is that they are a nice
little perq for the members.  However, with the proliferation of CR-R and
CD-R/RW drives out there today, It might be a good time to transition to
letting the members create their own CD.

The only reason I can see to produce the CD is to make the documents that
are not yet available for download available to the members.  This means
that the CD would contain the documents that will become available for
download in the next 1-6 months, depending on SB approval cycles, limiting
the useful life of the CD.  Anything that is approved in the six months
after the CD is made will become available for download before the next CD
is pressed, unless we want to go to twice per year distribution.  (I am not
recommending that we go to 2/year.)

It is my responsibility as recording secretary to produce the CD.  Now is
the time to decide if we want to continue this practice and, if do continue,
what the content of the CD will be.


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Bob, et al,

Personally, I do not want to download stuff from GETIEEE and keep in on my
hard drive. I like the CD ROM and would prefer that we keep it around.
I will ask my members at our september meeting if they want to keep the
CD program alive.

What is the cost of the CD program?


> At 09:57 AM 8/21/01 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:
> >With the Get IEEE 802 program, is it still necessary and/or desirable to
> >produce the 802 standards CD-ROM each year?
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