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[802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions

1) NesCom meeting was held today. All 802 PARs were approved (I did not
attend the meeting, so I do not know if any changes were made). Because the
Standard Board did not meet, these PARs will be approved by a Standards
Board default letter ballot starting in a few days.

2) Received feedback on CD-ROM for 2001 from Jerry Walker. Financial impact
of GetIEEE802 is difficult to assess. Downloads have been very high, but
most renewals coming due the next month. Have received go-ahead for the
CD-ROM program from IEEE Staff provided that only those standards on the
GetIEEE802 list would be included. Also, license would be the same.
Regarding the ballot we have taken, with a vote of
6approve-1donotapprove-5didnotvote, we are marginal on passing the ballot
per operating rules. I will talk to Paul Nikolich on Monday to determine

3) Regarding the recent copyright notice, IEEE-SA staff agrees that the
words IEEE-SA Standard should have been IEEE Standard. This was an
oversight, and in fact the correction should have been made, but the editor
missed it.

4) Regarding the policy on Marks/Trademarks/Usage, this needs to be aired at
the BOG meeting end of November, with the updated Copyright Statement and
Trademark Frontpiece agreed by the BOG, then fanned out to the Standards
Board at its December meeting. Notice will go on all standards approved from
then on.

5) Regarding Std 802, met with Susan Tatiner and Sue Vogel and agreed we had
dug a deep hole. Proposal to get out of the hole is to have the Standards
Board make a motion recognizing the error and ballot recirculation process.
Susan was going to see if they could immediately publish the standard as per
the recirc, without the trademark notice, and then add the Mark notice when
approved by the BOG. I should have a draft of the Standards Board motion in
a day that I will send to you for any comments, as I will make the motion.
My suggestion is to simply abstain on the recirc (an abstain vote on a
recirc means that you support the change), and then we can go forward with
the Standard.

6) Would expect an interim ballot from the Standards Board to handle RevCom
approvals, after RevCom figures out how to handle its submissions.

I am currently in Piscatawy, NJ, waiting for the planes to start flying
again so Muffy and I can fly to Dallas.

Jim Carlo ( Cellular:1-214-693-1776
TI Fellow, Networking Standards at Texas Instruments
Vice Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee