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I support Roger. If the contract allows it, let's do it. If the contract
does not allow it, go for a waiver!

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From: Roger B. Marks []
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 2:11 AM
To:; IEEE802
Subject: Re: [802SEC] CD ROM

I prefer plan 2 (if it's permitted by our agreement with the IEEE-SA staff).

It seems to me that we pay for GetIEEE802 because we think standards 
should be freely available. Are we being logically consistent if we 
then decide to hoard  a bunch of CDs?

Remember also that rationing the discs is an administrative headache, 
not only for the office staff but for the Working Groups that are 
forced to come up with membership lists. Plus, the Wednesday handouts 
draw people out of meetings (sometimes from remote hotels).

I say let's hand it out with the registration receipt.


At 5:15 PM -0600 01/10/30, Jim Carlo wrote:
>I received a note from Buzz and Paul that IEEE had OK'd the CD Rom to go to
>all attendees of the 802 meeting, if we want.
>What I remember, is that during original discussions on the CD Rom, we
>wanted this to go to only the 802 voting members. This way it would be a
>reward for their hard work, rather than a registration reward.
>I'd like some comments. We have two options:
>1) Distribute the CD Rom on Wednesday, as we have in the past, to voting
>members only. This is what our rules say.
>2) Expand the CD Rom distribution to all registrants and hand out in the
>Registration material.
>If there is general agreement on option 2), I'll take a quick EMAIL SEC
>ballot to provide CD Roms over our rules.
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