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[802SEC] Minor Foul-Up

Dear SEC,

Since Stuart was sick at the Friday evening plenary we forgot to put the
802.11 press release on the progress of 802.11g on the Information Item
portion of the agenda.  I am including in this email for your information.



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From: "Matthew B. Shoemake" <>
To: "Paul Nikolich" <>; <>; "Harry
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"Al Petrick" <>
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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 12:03 AM
Subject: Re: Minor Foul-Up

> Paul,
> Stuart presented the statement to the WG at the closing session on
> Friday.  I explained the logic to the body.  Stuart asked for any
> discussion, and there were about 3 people that spoke up in favor.  Most,
> not all of the speakers, referenced press releases that were out to
> that we needed to put this IEEE statement of our own.  No one spoke up
> during the discussion in objection to the release, thus it was taken as
> unanimous consent.  There were about 50-70 voters in the room.  Would have
> to check the minutes for exact numbers, as we actually went to vote on
> motions on Friday.  Statement that was presented is attached.
> Regards,
> Matthew

802 11 g press release.pdf