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[802SEC] BOG Items of Interest to 802

1) Std 802 came up on the agenda and was handled in executive session (I
could not attend), although I was given the opportunity to reiterate the 802
concerns and position to the BOG. The BOG affirmed that the standard could
not be published with Clause 5 due to legal opinion. The BOG made a
resolution (I don't have exact copy) to direct the Standards Board to
approve the Recirculation of the standard. There will also be a discussion
from Karen Rupp on the Trademark plans of the IEEE-SA standard board meeting
next week so this will be a chance to understand better motivations. I also
think the QA on certification in prior emails is part of this. Jerry Walker
is still looking for participants on his small group discussing this issue.

2) Concern over lack of any corporate funding or donations on Get802
program. Karen Rupp and Ben Johnson would like to meet with any members of
802 at the StdBd meeting. Proposed Wed early morning or noon (depends on
Howard/Geoff RevCom meeting).

3) Tony Jeffree elected chair of the RAC for three year term. Geoff Thompson
was thanked for his three years of past service as chair of the RAC.

3) Jim Carlo elected Standards Board Chair for 2002 (this will put me on the
BOG). I have also agreed to run for IEEE-SA BOG President in 2002 (to serve
in 2004).

Jim Carlo ( Phone:1-214-853-5274 Fax:1214-853-5274
Vice Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board
Chair, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee