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[802SEC] new 802.16 PAR for consideration in March

Dear SEC:

I would like to notify you that I expect 802.16 to put forth a version of the following PAR for approval in March:

P802.16c: Amendment to IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems - Detailed System Profiles for 10-66 GHz <>

The purpose is "To aid the deployment of interoperable systems by defining and naming a set of system profiles to which manufacturers can test compliance." 

I believe that this PAR falls under the category of "ordinary items (like Maintenance PARs)" and is therefore not subject to the 30 day notice rule. Nevertheless, I am notifying the SEC as a courtesy. We are open to comments from other Working Groups and would ask that they be delivered to us by 5 pm Tuesday of the Plenary Week, per the custom.