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Re: [802SEC] SEC meeting schedule for March 2002 +PR Issues++

Hello All:

Please notice that we will need a voice point in order to have Karen Mccabe
and Michael on the line.  I definitively think is important that they

P.S. Please see E-mail below sent to Paul on Friday (FYI).

Thank you for your willingness to cooperate in this pilot program.

Angela Ortiz
Program Manager - Technical Program Development
IEEE Standards, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331 USA
Telephone: 1732-562-3809  ><  Fax: 1732-562-1571
E-m:   ><

                    Angela Ortiz                                                                                   
                    03/08/2002           cc:     Jerome Walker/STDS/STAFF/US/IEEE@IEEE, Sue                        
                    03:42 PM              Vogel/STDS/STAFF/US/IEEE@IEEE,, Markus                 
                                         Subject:     Paul: Action required from 802 to post the  *802 press       
                                          releases**  in a timely manner, after the Plenary ++RSVP++               

Hello Paul:

We would appreciate if you read the E-mail below from Karen McCabe for both
your information and your action, so that  Karen and the PR group may be
able to post the 802 press releases in a timely matter, after the 802

I will see you on Sunday.

Angela Ortiz
Program Manager - Technical Program Development
IEEE Standards, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331 USA
Telephone: 1732-562-3809  ><  Fax: 1732-562-1571
E-m:   ><

                    Karen Mc Cabe                                                                                  
                    03/07/2002           cc:,, Sue                  
                    08:15 PM             Vogel/STDS/STAFF/US/IEEE@IEEE, Karen Rupp/STDS/STAFF/US/IEEE@IEEE,        
                                         Subject:     Re: (Document link: Angela Ortiz)                            


The first IEEE 802 e-news bulletin was distributed in early Dec--after the
Nov 802 Plenary. It proved successful, with the IEEE receiving about a
dozen queries/request for more information from the media (for articles,
etc).  (I'll get that list for you over the next day.)

The IEEE 802 e-news bulletin was rolled out as a pilot. Going through the
process of the development and distribution of the first e-news bulletin
did bring to light some issues that need to be addressed in order for the
e-news bulletin to be successful (distributed in a timely manner after the
meetings and to be viewed as "the source" for IEEE 802 news). Listed below
are what staff and outside communications consultant, CoreCom, consider
issues that need to be addressed and suggestions for improvement.

1. IEEE needs to receive 10-14 days prior the meetings information (beyond
simple agenda items/listings) from the working groups/committees, possibly
the committee's planning documentation.
We need "more meat" so we can develop the news briefs and/or news releases
in advance of the meetings. This way we have time to write the news items
and, more importantly, have affected parties review in an efficient manner.
If we could be in the position of developing and having "ready-to-go" the
news prior to the meetings, immediately following the meetings (even with a
few edits) the news could be released. We would not lose 2-3 weeks of
writing and reviewing the news items.

2. It would be quite beneficial for the IEEE 802 Committee to identify a
point of contact for the press and staff. This person would provide
guidance to IEEE on what activities/actions, etc. are newsworthy and can
serve as a point of contact for staff and the media when the working group
chairs are not accessible. In putting together the first e-news bulletin,
we did experience some challenges with getting information in a timely
manner from the respective working groups, and after the news bulletin was
released in getting editors from the media in contact with working group
chairs/members. The media usually has a very short (less than one day)
window when putting together their articles, and need to have an accessible
point of contact. Staff can handle status type questions/simple queries,
but the media is looking for more technical/indepth data that staff is not
in the position to provide. Staff believes that the IEEE 802 group may be
losing some press opportunity/exposure due to limitations meeting the
media's deadlines.

3. We (IEEE 802 committees with support of staff) need to address how we
should interface with industry groups/alliances that are related to IEEE
802 standards (e.g. Resilient Packet Ring Alliance and Bluetooth). These
alliances or SIGs are "beating" IEEE to the punch with regard to
distribution of IEEE 802 working group news. They are releasing IEEE 802
news without  consulting/coordinating with the IEEE. We understand that
these alliances/SIGs play a key role in the success of IEEE 802 standards
activities, but in most cases IEEE and the IEEE 802 groups are not getting

4. We need to evaluate the need for "backgrounders"--documents that provide
background/history of the standards working group and the value/impact of
the standard in the marketplace/industry. These prove quite beneficial to
the media and serve as a reference document.

Staff does propose that we provide a 802 publicity report for the 802
group. The report can highlight the status/update of PR efforts and outline
issues and suggestions. It could serve as a useful tool for the 802
groups--not only providing them an update, but identifying areas for
improvement and advice.

As always, we are committed to supporting 802 and getting its important
news out to the media. We welcome the opportunity to work with 802 to
develop a successful publicity effort.


Karen McCabe
Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
PH: +1 732 562 3824

                    rg                   To:,                             
                    03/07/2002           Subject:                                                                  
                    04:34 PM                                                                                       


I think it will be very helpful to send Paul an E-mail, regarding our
meeting today,in terms of what action/cooperation is required from them in
order to be able to deliver the press releases in a timely manner.

If we do that in advance, he might be able to appoint somebody right away
hopefully, that is going to help to move the process smoothly.

I understand, they are obstacles/impediments that won't probably enable us
deliver the information in a efficient manner, this time.  However, we need
to convey that this is still a pilot program and without their cooperation
is very unlikely to succeed.

Going down to business:  Can you please send me the "What we need from 802"
so that I can send an E-mail to Paul with these issues with the aim to
get an appointed person to provide news and facts to you on time.

We will make this work!


Angela Ortiz
Program Manager - Technical Program Development
IEEE Standards, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331 USA
Telephone: 1732-562-3809  ><  Fax: 1732-562-1571
E-m:   ><


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                    owner-stds-802-sec@majordom       Subject:     Re: [802SEC] SEC meeting schedule for March 2002             
                    03/11/2002 06:14 PM                                                                                         


My understanding was that the PR discussions would be part of the
802.11/802.15 Publicity Committee meeting; that's why we chose
10:30a-12n on Tuesday.

Therefore, I assumed that the location would be not the Texas Special
but the Missouri Pacific, as shown on the agenda:

802.11/802.15        PC        SR+XC           14        40        Missouri


At 2:40 PM -0500 02/03/11, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>As per our SEC meeting this morning I have the following meetings
>set up during the week:
>Tuesday    10:30AM-NOON    PR discussions
>Location: Texas Special
>Roger Marks, Stuart Kerry, Angela Ortiz