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[802SEC] Liason from ITU SG17


Roy Bynum handed me a liason letter (hard copy) from 
ITU Study group 17. Having looked at it in a cursory
manner I failed to notice that it was addressed to both
IEEE802 and 802.17.

I will be providing a hard copy of the mail in all of
your boxes later today. So that you can view it and
see if there is any interest in your groups in commenting
on it.

802.17 will likely not have the time to deal with this 
during this meeting, and will await a soft copy for 
distribution for attention at the next meeting. 

However, due to all of 802 having been addressed I believe
it is not within the purvue of .17 to answer on behalf of
all of 802 unless all working groups defer to us.



Michael Takefman    
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