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RE: [802SEC] Report rules change procedure for PARs


Here is some detail.

Regarding "For a wireless project to be authorized the PAR shall 
address the level of coexistence with other IEEE 802 wireless 
standards and projects and with other users of the spectrum":

(1) My impression was that Bob Heile was clear that he didn't want 
this clause added without a clear definition of coexistence.

(2) Several comments asked for the deletion of the word "wireless".

I am satisfied with the Regulatory conformance part.

I think the project management aspect introduces an additional level 
of SEC oversight that could lead to a lot of headaches. I forgot that 
Geoff had suggested this sort of thing; now I think I remember him 
mentioning it as a solution to the "six-months max without a PAR" 
problem. So I guess I can live with it (especially if we assign the 
administration of the issue to the LMSC Vice Chair).


At 6:53 PM +0000 02/03/14, Hayes, Vic (Vic) wrote:
>  Roger,
>The Project Management item came from the comment resolution meeting we held
>on Sunday. It was Geoff, with his experience in the matter at all levels,
>brought the object in.
>Have you got more detailed concerns about the response to the ballot?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Roger B. Marks
>To: Hayes, Vic (Vic)
>Sent: 3/14/2002 1:12 PM
>Subject: Re: [802SEC] Report rules change procedure for PARs
>I don't think this resolution is responsive to the comments received
>in the ballot. Also, the section on "Conditional approval" seems
>(unless I am missing something) to be unrelated to any comment. I
>also think it is problematic. Therefore, my inclination is to
>continue to Disapprove.
>At 10:56 PM +0000 02/03/13, Hayes, Vic (Vic) wrote:
>>Dear SEC,
>>Following the comment resolution meeting on Sunday, I worked with my
>>to follow-up on your advices.
>>All additions to the existing rules are given in red font.
>>If you have any suggestion for improvement, please contact me in
>  >Specialbefore 11 AM. That way we have the opportunity to tray and make
>a new
>  >version.
>  >
>  >Regards