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RE: [802SEC] Wednesday deadline for 802 News Bulletin info


The response to the call for summary info from the WGs is disappointing.
Why are 802.3, 802.11, 802.15 and 802.17 not responding?  What can be done
to improve the process?

It would be beneficial for 802 to publicize an 802-wide summary and promote
what we've accomplished at our plenary session.  From that summary, pointers
can be made to WG web sites detailing the specific accomplishments.

Let's make a more concerted effort to provide the summary information to
Karen McCabe.


--Paul Nikolich

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[]On Behalf Of Roger B.
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 1:42 PM
Subject: [802SEC] Wednesday deadline for 802 News Bulletin info

Here is an update on the 802 News Bulletin:

*The deadlines of last Monday and last Wednesday are well behind us.
*To me knowledge, only 802.1 and 802.16 have contributed 802 News
Bulletin input.
*No one else has said anything (e.g., "I'll send something"; "I won't
send something", ...)
*802.15 identified Jim Meyer the Working Grop point of contact.


>So far, I have information for the 802 News Bulletin only from Tony,
>and no one  has given me a Working Grop point of contact.
>Per the note below, Karen needs everything by Wednesday.
>Let me remind you of the details of my request:
>>As PR Point of Contact, I agreed to solicit news items for the next
>>802 News Bulletin.
>>Please format items along the lines of the last News Bulletin:
>>Assume that the audience is not made of specialists in your field.
>>Send them to Michael Bratnick <>, with a
>>copy to me. Please try and get your material submitted by this
>>weekend. The Bulletin will be delayed by the delay of a single
>>Working Group. I have agreed to hound-dog the Working Group chairs
>>until they respond. If you plan to submit no material, please let
>>me know so I can stop pestering you. Also, if you name a PR contact
>>for your group, I can start bugging that person and leave you alone.
>>Thanks for the information. It's helpful. We are particularly interested
>>the formation of the 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group.
>>may warrant a separate press release. We will be following up for more
>>Unfortunately, to date we have not received news items/information from
>>802 working group chairs or designated points of contact. Per Roger's
>>of 14 March to "stds-802-sec"--that asked for the chairs to try to get us
>>their news items by this past weekend--we anticipated having a portion if
>>not all of the information needed to begin work on the 802 News Bulletin
>>I realize moving forward, we are working on putting in place an improved
>>process to get the information in advance of the meetings so we can begin
>>to draft the news bulletin and specific press releases, and I will be
>>providing a plan to 802 that addresses this shortly. However, in light of
>>our current situation, in order for us to get the next edition of the
>>bulletin (covering the recent March 802 Plenary) within the next two
>>we need to have all working group activity information by Wed, 20 March.
>>Thanks so much!
>>Karen McCabe
>>Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
>>445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
>>Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
>>PH: +1 732 562 3824
>>>I have attached a top level summary of the non-working group activities
>>>Project 802 that can be used in the IEEE press release.  See attached.
>>>Please review and forward to Karen McCabe.