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[802SEC] P802.16a coexistence coordination

Dear SEC:

The P802.16a draft has become entangled with a coexistence issue that 
cropped up in 802.11. I don't believe that 802 has any ground rules, 
written to otherwise, on how to resolve this issue. I have been 
thinking about how best to proceed.

One concern I have is that the issue arose at a late date and through 
a floor vote that (according to the minutes) did not include 
technical discussion. In the absence of such discussion, 802.16 finds 
it difficult to resolve, or even precisely identify, the concerns.

The issue of forwarding an 802.16a draft to the SEC for Sponsor 
Ballot will be back in the hands of an 802.16 Working Group Letter 
Ballot, probably shortly after our next interim (20-24 May). The 
balloted draft will be available using the 802.11 or 802.15 
passwords, in accordance with the procedure instituted by the three 
groups in July 2001, 802.11 and 802.15 members may participate in 
this ballot by submitting comments. As usual, 802.16 requests that 
all comments include a proposed remedy. 802.16 will address and 
resolve these comments at its first opportunity. I cannot promise 
that all proposals will be accepted, but we will provide a proper 
technical response for recirculation.

802.16's liaison to 802.11, Mika Kasslin, is leading the preparation 
of a presentation on the unlicensed-band coexistence issues and 
mechanisms in the 802.16a Draft 3. With the agreement of Stuart 
Kerry, Mika plans to make such a presentation at the 802.11/802.15 
interim of 13-17 May 2002.

I believe that the ballot process, because it places the onus on the 
objector to articulate the concerns and obligates the Working Group 
to address them, is the best venue for discussion of coexistence 
issues. I expect that this process will provide the SEC with a clear 
and focused record of the technical issues that have been presented. 
If the process functions well, it might becomes a model for 802 to 
follow in the future.