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[802SEC] how to keep KLEZ virus email off your reflectors


Two things:

(1) Ban messages including "Content-Type: text/html;" by adding 
"/Content-Type: text\/html;/"
  to your taboo_body list. My reflectors can get a dozen of these in a 
day; they all get bounced to the list owner.

(2) Ban messages from by adding "/virus-admin/" 
to your taboo_headers list. I have asked IEEE IT to stop sending 
these notices to the list, but they said they couldn't help ["Virus 
notification is sent by the mail system and does not have a feature 
to control this going to any mailing list or individual email 
account."] However, the method I've suggested works as well.


At 10:44 AM -0400 02/05/01, Stevenson, Carl R (Carl) wrote:
>Seems we still hve virus problems coming into
>the reflectors ...
>This one came through the regs reflector ...
>What do we do?
>>  -----Original Message-----
>  > From: []
>>  Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 10:31 AM
>>  To:
>>  Subject: REGS/ Virus Alert
>  > InterScan has detected a virus WORM_KLEZ.H in the file (by)
>  > in the mail traffic sent to you by