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RE: [802SEC] 802.11f Draft to IEEE Sponsor Ballot


I don't know of any 30 day requirement for requests to go to sponsor ballot.
Such a requirement would slow down the standards process to an unacceptable
extent. I believe that what the Exec needs to see to approve a sponsor
ballot is the ballot tally, the unresolved negative comments and their
responses, assurance that any substantive changes were recirculated and the
draft itself (mainly because the comments may only be clear when one looks
at the draft). Unless there are massive unresolved negative comments, this
shouldn't require 30 days to review. Usually comment resolution is done
during the plenary week so this information is not available until Wednesday
or Thursday. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Stuart J. Kerry []
Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2002 3:09 PM
Subject: [802SEC] 802.11f Draft to IEEE Sponsor Ballot


My TGF Chair has reminded me to confirm my intent to ask for a motion at
the beginning of the July 802 Plenary SEC meeting regarding our IEEE
802.11f Draft for approval to go to Sponsor Ballot. This notice shall
serve as that intent.

Closing today is WG Letter Ballot #37 that requested the Working Groups
approval to initiate a Recirculation Ballot of TGf Draft P802.11f-D3.1,
which seems to have been approved by the membership. It is our intention
to start a 40-Day Letter Ballot (#38), if LB #37 results confirm this
action, on Wednesday next week for the Recirculation the Draft to WG
members. If this passes with the prescribe percentages then I will ask
for the requested motion at the SEC meeting in July. As normally
required I will also include the required documentation before the 30
day requirement to the other SEC members.