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[802SEC] status of P802.16a

I'd like to inform the SEC of the status of P802.16a.

As you recall, the SEC in April rejected a request to send 
P802.16a/D3 to Sponsor Ballot. Since then, 802.16:

*conducted a WG Letter Ballot which authorized the WG, at its interim 
session, to create a new draft and begin a new WG Letter Ballot on it;

*accepted comments and resolved them to create P802.16a/D4;

*began, yesterday, a new WG Letter Ballot (through 2 July) on sending 
P802.16a/D4 to Sponsor Ballot.

At the July Plenary, I expect to be asking the SEC for approval, or 
at least conditional approval, to send P802.16/D5 to Sponsor Ballot.

When P802.16a/D3 was before the SEC, 802.11 expressed concern with 
possible coexistence issues, and some members indicated that they 
wanted to see an indication of coordination. At this time, I would 
like to invite SEC members, and their WG members, to read P802.16/D4 
and submit any coexistence concerns in the WG Letter Ballot. We hope 
that such comments will describe the problems, and proposed remedies, 
in technical detail so that we are able to address them at the July 
meeting. The WG Letter Ballot announcement and instructions are 
available at <>. Please 
let me know if I can assist you in obtaining the draft; 802.11 and 
802.15 members can access it with their own WG passwords.


P.S. For an update on last week's 802.16 Session #19, please see: