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[802SEC] Re: +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Get IEEE 802(tm) program motion:


I approve.

I am copying the SEC reflector because I think an SEC motion should 
be archived. I also think the document mentioned in the motion needs 
to be archived there. It's not considered confidential, is it?


>Dear SEC,
>This is an SEC email ballot on an action to be taken by the IEEE 802 SEC on
>the Get IEEE 802(tm) program as moved by Roger Marks, seconded by Bob Grow.
>As you have all seen, representatives of the SEC, SA and BoG have been
>working hard to try to keep the program in place.  Please keep in mind we
>are at a critical juncture at this point.  If this motion passes, the
>program will stay in place.  If not, the program will most likely terminate.
>Please also remember that the attached document describing the financial
>data is confidential to the SEC and should not be shared beyond this group.
>The email ballot opens on Tuesday June 4th 6PM EDT and closes Tuesday June
>11th 6PM EDT.
>--Paul Nikolich
>Chair, IEEE 802
>802 SEC Motion
>Moved by:       Roger Marks
>Second by:      Bob Grow
>"To immediately release the March 2002 LMSC funds held in escrow for
>the 'Get IEEE 802' program, with the understanding that the SEC will
>consider approval, at its July 2002 meeting, of an agreement with the
>IEEE-SA based on the terms outlined in the document 'Get IEEE 802
>Program Agreement' (revision 2 dated June 4, 2002)."