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RE: [802SEC] followup to trademarks issue


Implementation of editorial policy is in the hands of IEEE staff.  There is
one action item for IEEE counsel to research on derivative use that can
affect the policy.  It is my belief, and I believe the agreement from the
meeting, that editorial style should be adjusted as soon as possible, and
not delayed by the planned filing of "IEEE Std 802".  That could take some
time, and since the current stylized trademark labels and especially the
warnings do not decrease liability of the Institute current documents in
preparation for publication should be initially published under the new
agreed policy.

--Bob Grow

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From: Roger B. Marks []
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 11:41 AM
Subject: [802SEC] followup to trademarks issue


My understanding of our trademarks meeting of last Wednesday was that the
"IEEE-SA Trademark Usage/Compliance Statement" should be replaced (in
existing as well as in future standards) by:

>"Trademark Statement: The marks IEEE(R) and 802 (R)  are registered
trademarks of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc."

However, I understood that BoG action was required to finalize this change.
Does anyone know the current status?

Also, I have just noticed two other references to trademarks in our
published standards. Based on my understanding of the discussion, I suspect
that some change is in order:

(1) Near the end of the boilerplate page just before the "IEEE-SA Trademark
Usage/Compliance Statement" is a paragraph in which "and/or trademarks"
should, I think, be deleted:

>The IEEE and its designees are the sole entities that may authorize the use
of the IEEE-owned certification marks and/or trademarks to indicate
compliance with the materials set forth herein.

(2) Just before the Table of Contents is a paragraph that should, I think,
be replaced by the new Trademark Statement I cited above:

>The marks "IEEE" and "802" are registered trademarks belonging to the IEEE.
When using these marks to refer to The Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers, 802 standards or other standards, the marks should be
in bold typeface and, at least once in text, use the registered trademark
symbol "(R)".

Any ideas on how this will all be finalized?