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RE: [802SEC] 802 CD-ROM

Title: RE: [802SEC] 802 CD-ROM


I thought you would be the last one that would want a new CD-ROM, particularly since I screwed up last year and left your latest and greatest opus off!  ;^)


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Bob -

I believe we should publish a new one.


At 14:29 24/07/2002 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>My tickler file went off (a bit too late), reminding me that November is
>typically when we distribute the new version of the 802 CD-ROM.  Do we want
>to publish a new CD-ROM at the November meeting?  If so, we need to pass a
>motion to allocate funds to have the production of the CD-ROM done.
>I spoke to Dawn at Face to Face and they are willing to coordinate the
>production, as they did so ably last year.  Last year we had 1000 copies
>produced.  Dawn estimates there are fewer than 50 copies remaining.  She
>estimated that the cost of producing the CD-ROM last year was $1250.  I can
>not find an exact number in the minutes.  Perhaps BillQ can look back to
>October/November 2001 to determine the exact costs.
>If we choose to go ahead with a new CD-ROM for November, I will publish a
>list of the standards I currently have (those on the last CD-ROM).  I will
>need a list from each WG chair of the new standards that need to be added to
>the CD-ROM and those that should be deleted from the current compilation.
>  -Bob
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