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Re: [802SEC] Proposed Alternative to changing the rules for WGme mbership

My $0.02

In talking with some members of my group, there was a feeling that
a 4 month meeting cycle for losing membership (whether it is 
2 of 2 or 2 of 3) is a little too fast.

Our current rules allow membership as fast as 4 months if
people hit the right phase and 8 months if they are out of 

I agree with Tony on having equivalent rules for gain or 
loss. And the suggestion that has made the most sense to 
me up to this point is a window of 4 meetings, be they
plenary or *properly* announced interims. This makes the
window a consistent 6 months for those groups that 
meet every two months. If an interim is not properly
announced, then it cannot be used for loss, but I believe
it can be used for gaining rights. This rewards those
people who can make it to a meeting, but does not
penalize people who could not make it due to lack of

The algorithm is as follows. After a meeting has adjourned,
the chair looks backwards at attendance for a window of
4 meetings. With the closing meeting being the start
of the window.

Gaining rights: If a person has attended 2 meetings with
75% attendance at each, they are elligible for gaining
their voting rights if they so inform the chair. Their
voting rights start after the meeting hence they are 
elligible for any ballots that occur between the meeting 
that just ended and the next one.

Losing rights: If a person has not attended 2 meetings with
75% attendance at each, they lose their membership and their
voting rights end immediately after the meeting. As before
the discretion of the chair can be used to grant membership.

If you do the math, someone can maintain their rights by
coming to every second meeting, or by attending 2 meetings
then having a 2 meeting gap and attending on the 5th meeting.
This does allow someone to be on leave for up to 6 months
and return without losing their rights (of course they then have
to go to the two meetings in a row)

Comments ?


Michael Takefman    
Manager of Engineering,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
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