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[802SEC] request for draft input to November IEEE 802 News Bulletin


It's time to begin the process of developing a November 802 News Bulletin. I have agreed with Paul to coordinate once again. I have had a few teleconferences on the topic since July and would like to request your participation.

***Key point of this message: If you would like your group to be represented in the November Bulletin, you will need to send me your draft input by Friday 25 October 25.***

Notes about your input:

*Please follow this general format and style of the previous issue <>.

*Try to succinctly communicate to the outside world your key accomplishment on your projects. Think through to the outcome of the week. For example, if you expect the SEC to forward a draft to RevCom, then your draft should say that the Working Group has concluded its work on P802.XYz and that SEC has forwarded the resulting draft for December 11 approval as an IEEE Standard. If this doesn't happen, then we can correct the statement before publication.

*Don't forget that many readers will have no news since the last Bulletin. Therefore, don't forget to update people on changes that happened since July, whether at an interim, in ballot, or by IEEE-SA action.

*The deadline is important. According to the plan, I will have a week to organize and edit all of the content and send it to Karen and Michael. As a new twist this time, Karen and Michael will provide the draft, formatted in HTML like the final Bulletin, so we can see what it looks like in time for the opening SEC meeting. [I plan to use this as a guide to what's going on during the week, so I can follow up on the stuff I'm most interested in.]

*Following the Plenary, final updates to the material will be due by Tuesday 19 November. Karen and Michael will integrate the material and provide a review copy of the entire bulletin by Wednesday. The final version will be distributed on Friday 22 November. If we don't get final updates to material or don't get confirmation that the draft material is OK for distribution, we'll have to delete it.

*There have been many discussions of the need for posting some background material to the web. Here is a list of what has been mentioned (listed in order of feasibility of producing it, in my opinion):
  (1) 802 process, including glossary of terms (PAR, WG Letter Ballot, Sponsor Ballot, recirc, etc.)
  (2) links to status reports or lists of PARs, ballots, etc.
  (3) Summary of 802 and the technical areas covered
  (4) What are the benefits of using products based on 802 standards
I plan to take a crack at creating (1) before the Plenary, if I can find enough time. I'd appreciate any existing material you may have on the topic.