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RE: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees

Cookies are good!  I don't know about the rest of the
SEC, but I can sure use the boost of a cookie and a
coke on those (normal) days when we have meetings from
0800-2230 ...

I also recall a strong pro-cookie sentiment from
my group (and from my days in .15 as well).

I think the "perk" of the break refreshments helps
to keep morale up during what's always a long, hard
grind of a week.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Grow, Bob []
> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 8:47 PM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Subject: RE: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees
> Bill:
> I note you have budgeted significantly less per head in 
> social costs, that
> is good, but the costs are still much higher than inflation 
> would justify
> from what we were doing during our previous cash pinch.  
> I would be interested in our membership's current opinion on 
> cookies.  When
> we went through this before, economic conditions were 
> significantly better.
> Next year's budget still includes $60-70 per head for refreshments and
> social.  (I also recognize the trend by hotels to require minimum F&B
> doesn't allow total freedom here.)
> A significant cash bump came from the two tier registration 
> fee even though
> most of our current lifestyle comes from increased 
> attendance.  With the
> problems we had in Vancouver on room pickup, I think we 
> should consider an
> additional fee for those not staying in the meeting hotel.  
> This fee would
> increase room pickup and increase revenue (balance depends on 
> the magnitude
> of the additional fee).
> You have my gratitude for a job well done, but I want to 
> think about these
> issues some more and get the advice of my WG before 
> committing to support
> the fee increase.  The one thing I unconditionally support 
> you in is the
> commitment to a solid financial position for continued operation.
> --Bob
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill Quackenbush []
> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 4:17 PM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Subject: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees
> Members of the SEC,
> As I indicated in the Treasurer's report at the closing SEC meeting in
> July, we need to increase the Plenary meeting registration 
> fees in order
> to maintain a reserve adequate to cover the worst case meeting
> cancellation penalties.  This criteria requires that 802 maintain a
> reserve of at least $125k to cover the worst case primary 
> hotel contract
> cancellation penalty.  To achieve this, the Plenary meeting 
> fee must be
> raised to at least $275/$325 beginning with the March, 2003 Plenary
> meeting.  I have not yet reviewed the secondary hotel contracts. 
> Depending on the penalties in these contracts, the increase 
> may need to
> be greater.
> The budget through 2003 assuming $275/$325 registration fees 
> is attached.
> While it appears that the Treasurer does not need approval to set the
> Plenary meeting fees (Section 2 of the LMSC Operating Rules), 
> I request
> your support for an increase in the Plenary registration fee 
> of at least
> $25, but no more than $50 beginning with the March, 2003 
> Plenary meeting.
> Thanks,
> wlq