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Re: [802SEC] Proposed 802 survey form

Bill -

I would be happy to take a few minutes out of the meeting to fill this in, 
given the obviously useful results of the interim survey.


At 07:58 07/11/2002 -0800, Bill Quackenbush wrote:
>For purposes of interim planning, a survey was conducted at the
>September 802.1/.3/.17 interim in New Orleans.  The survey was developed
>primarily by the Howard Frazier, the Chair of 802.3ah and Steve Carlson,
>the Chair of 802.3af.  The information developed from the survey has
>been determined to be quite useful and is being used in the planning of
>the January 802.1/.3 interim in Vancouver.
>In light of the need to increase the 802 Pleanry registration fees, Buzz
>and I would like to conduct a similar survey in Kauai to determine that
>802 is providing a set services and accommodations that are desired by
>Plenary meeting attendees and at an acceptable price.
>To that end I have prepared the attached survey form.  With Howard's
>permission I have borrowed MASSIVELY from Howard's and Steve's survey.
>The strong points of the attached survey are almost certainly borrowed
>from Howard and Steve, the weak points are mine.
>I know this is short notice, but I request that all 802 SEC members, and
>anyone else who is interested, please review the survey and provide me
>guidance as you see fit.  If you elect to edit the document, please turn
>on "change tracking" so that I can quickly what you have done.
>Also, would the Chair of each WG/TAG indicate whether they would be will
>to take a few minutes out of one of their meetings to allow the survey
>to be completed.  Form completion was done just after lunch at the New
>Orleans interim and the return rate was very high.
>My thanks in advance,