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Re: [802SEC] Proposed 802 survey form


I appreciate that 802.3 has a lot of work to do.  However, I will note
that while similar, the survey is not identical to the one used in New
Orleans and a bit shorter.  If you believe that time will not be
available or will not be available until the end of the day when
attendance is likely to be low, perhaps you would consider allowing the
survey to be announced and handed out at a time of high meeting
attendance, to be completed latter and turned in at some central place
like a specified location in the back of the meeting room or a
registration desk.



"Grow, Bob" wrote:
> Bill:
> Based on our workload, I question if it is prudent to take meeting time on
> the survey.  If time allows (end of day), I will do the survey, but you
> already have 802.3's opinion from the New Orleans survey.
> --Bob Grow
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill Quackenbush []
> Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 7:58 AM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Cc: Howard Frazier; Steve Carlson; Dawn C. Slykhouse; Darcel Moro
> Subject: [802SEC] Proposed 802 survey form
> All,
> For purposes of interim planning, a survey was conducted at the
> September 802.1/.3/.17 interim in New Orleans.  The survey was developed
> primarily by the Howard Frazier, the Chair of 802.3ah and Steve Carlson,
> the Chair of 802.3af.  The information developed from the survey has
> been determined to be quite useful and is being used in the planning of
> the January 802.1/.3 interim in Vancouver.
> In light of the need to increase the 802 Pleanry registration fees, Buzz
> and I would like to conduct a similar survey in Kauai to determine that
> 802 is providing a set services and accommodations that are desired by
> Plenary meeting attendees and at an acceptable price.
> To that end I have prepared the attached survey form.  With Howard's
> permission I have borrowed MASSIVELY from Howard's and Steve's survey.
> The strong points of the attached survey are almost certainly borrowed
> from Howard and Steve, the weak points are mine.
> I know this is short notice, but I request that all 802 SEC members, and
> anyone else who is interested, please review the survey and provide me
> guidance as you see fit.  If you elect to edit the document, please turn
> on "change tracking" so that I can quickly what you have done.
> Also, would the Chair of each WG/TAG indicate whether they would be will
> to take a few minutes out of one of their meetings to allow the survey
> to be completed.  Form completion was done just after lunch at the New
> Orleans interim and the return rate was very high.
> My thanks in advance,
> wlq