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[802SEC] Fw: Letter from Wi-Fi Alliance

Dear SEC,

Attached is a letter to the 802 executive committee from the WiFi Alliance
chair for our consideration with respect to the 802.11g draft under
development.  Please review it and provide me with your comment.  I will put
this on our agenda at the March Plenary for discussion and response.

My intial reaction is as follows.  I sympathize with WiFi's desire to
complete the 802.11g project as quickly as possible, but the 802 SEC cannot
do any better than ensure that our normal process is followed accurately and
efficiently and cannot commit to any date by which the draft will be
ratified by the Standards Board.  There is simply too much uncertainty in
the outcome of the ballots to know how long the project will take to
complete with any significant accuracy..


--Paul Nikolich

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Subject: Letter from Wi-Fi Alliance

Dear Sirs,

Please see the attached letter from the Wi-Fi Alliance for your

Best Regards,
Dennis Eaton
Wi-Fi Alliance Chair