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[802SEC] Fw: SLR Invitation to ballot on P260.1-SCC14

Dear SEC members,

Please pass this note along to your Group members as they may be interested
in joining the SCC14 Standards Coordinating Committee 14 on Quantities,
Units and Letter Symbols.


--Paul Nikolich
IEEE 802 LMSC Chairman

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From: <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 3:39 PM
Subject: SLR Invitation to ballot on P260.1-SCC14

> Dear IEEE Standards Sponsor Chair/Working Group Chair:
> We would like to bring to your attention the creation of a new entry on
> IEEE ballot pool sign-up form:  SCC14. The name of SCC14 Standards
> Coordinating Committee
> 14/Quantities Units and Letter Symbols and its scope of activity is:
> Studies questions regarding quantities, units and systems of measurement;
> prepares recommendations and standards on these matters; and provides
> current information on quantities and units to all organizations preparing
> IEEE Standards.
> SCC14 maintains the American National Standard for Metric Practice, and
> advises
> all IEEE entities on questions regarding metric practices and the
> application of the
> International System of Units (SI).
> You can find the ballot pool sign-up form at
> SCC14, as one of the Standards Coordinating Committees of the IEEE,
> represents an activity of broad interest to multiple IEEE Societies.
> The availability of SCC14 on the ballot pool sign-up form further
> facilitates its efforts in the areas of IEEE standardization.
> Please note that SCC14 currently has one project that it is open
> for invitation. Due to the timing of this invitation, we attach
> it below. Please forward it to standards volunteers who might be
> interested in this ballot, and encourage them to sign up for future
> SCC14 ballots by using the sign-up form.
> Thank you for your assistance and participation in this activity,
>                               Invitation to Ballot
>                          ====================
> The Standards Coordinating Committee 14 (SCC14) on Quantities, Units and
> Letter Symbols
> invite you to ballot on the following:
> Title: P260.1 Revision:  Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement
> (SI* Units, Customary Inch-Pound Units, and Certain Other
> Units)
> Scope: The standard covers letter symbols for units of measurement.
>  The symbols given are intended for all applications,
> including use in text and equations, in graphs and diagrams,
> and on panels, labels, and nameplates.
> Purpose: The existing standard on unit symbols will be updated to
> conform to recent international recommendations, and the
> section on limited-character sets will be revised to include
> recommendations that are applicable for e-mail.
> If you are interested in participating in this electronic ballot, you must
> respond by 2003-02-06, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
> Instructions for responding to this electronic Invitation to Ballot
> ===================================================================
> This Invitation to Ballot is to advise you that a Sponsor Ballot will
> be conducted in the near future on the existing or proposed Standard
> that is referenced in the Title above.  The IEEE Standards Association
> is seeking to determine whether you wish to participate in this
> Sponsor Ballot.
> 1. Review the Title, Scope, and Purpose above to determine the subject
>    matter of the Standard.
> 2. If you are *NOT interested* in participating in the Sponsor Ballot
>    of this Standard, simply discard this e-mail.  No further action is
>    required on your part.
> 3. If you *ARE interested* in participating in the Ballot, you must
>    respond by filling out the web-based form at
> Your Classification refers to your relationship to the subject matter of
> this specific document (e.g., are you a User of this technology?).  If you
> have a combination of interests (e.g., I am both a User and a Producer of
> this technology), then you should select the General Interest
> classification.  Other classifications may be added to meet RevCom
> requirements of balance.
> You must be a current IEEE-SA member to ballot, or pay a per-ballot fee.
> Information on joining the IEEE Standards Association can be found at
> To participate, you must have access to the World Wide Web to submit a
> vote and comments, and to download the draft.  The draft is posted in
> Adobe "PDF" document format and can be viewed online, or it can be
> downloaded and printed if desired.  You will need a copy of Adobe's
> Acrobat Reader (3.0 or higher) to view or print the draft. If you do not
> have the program, it is freely available from Adobe at
> Obligations and Responsibilities of Balloters
> =============================================
> If you choose to participate in this electronic ballot, once the ballot
> opens you will be provided the URLs for the subject document and the
> ballot form.  You will typically have 30 days to review the document and
> return the ballot with your vote.  The IEEE requires that a minimum of
> 75% of the balloting group return their ballots for the ballot to be
> valid.  As such, by agreeing to participate in this ballot you have an
> *obligation* to respond.
> Failure to return a completed ballot may cause your name to be removed
> from the Invitation to Ballot list (i.e., the balloting pool), precluding
> your receiving Invitations to participate in future Sponsor Ballots.
> NOTE:  This obligation to respond described above does *not* apply to
> Recirculation Ballots (an additional ballot of a document you have
> previously voted on).  You only need to respond to a Recirculation Ballot
> if you wish to change your initial vote.  If you do not respond to a
> Recirculation Ballot, your last recorded vote will be carried forward.
> The names of all voters will be listed in the front matter of the standard
> when it is published.  No contact information or how you voted will be
> included.  The paragraph above the balloting group listed will state: "The
> following members of the balloting group voted on this standard.
> may have voted for approval, disapproval, or abstention."
> Any question regarding this e-mail should be sent to the
> IEEE-SA Balloting Center at
> IEEE Balloting Center
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