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Re: [802SEC] Tutorial slots - March

As I mentioned at the Friday SEC meeting in Kauai, I expect to have a formal Call for Interest on 802 Handoff for the March meeting. Any one of the 90-minute slots would be fine.


>One of the conclusions that was reached in the Link Security study group meeting held in Vancouver at the beginning of January was that there is a need to get participants in that activity "on the same page" with regard to relevant 802 technologies that they may be unfamiliar with. Three people volunteered to give tutorials on the subjects of Bridging, EPONs, and security, with the intent that these would be given in tutorial slots on either Monday or Tuesday in Dallas. Likely timing would be 1 hour for each presentation, including Q&A time. Obviously, there may be other 802 participants not involved in the SG that would find such sessions useful, so it would not be the intent to limit participation to the SG, although the presentations will of necessity be focussed on the needs of the SG.
>I would therefore like to sponsor the use of 2 tutorial slots for this purpose, on the Monday evening.