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[802SEC] RE: Tutorial request form for Link Security SG

Way to go Tony !!!  As the first one to get your official requests in you get first call on the available timeslots.  Dawn will confirm your assignments in due course.  Thanx again for your cooperation.  

Now how about the rest of you slot-seekers ???   :-)   

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing - SSG
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98324-2207
(425) 865-2443    Fx: (425) 865-6721

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From: Tony Jeffree [] 
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 2:11 AM
Cc: Dolors Sala; Rigsbee, Everett O
Subject: Tutorial request form for Link Security SG

Dawn -

Request form for 2 tutorial slots in March attached.