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Re: [802SEC] Blast from the 802 Past

At 23:50 24/01/2003 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>On January 15, I gave a talk on 802.16 to the IEEE Computer Society's 
>Santa Clara Valley Chapter at Stanford 
><>. Among the crowd were two 
>distinguished 802 alums. I thought you might get a kick out of this photo:
>On the right is Don Loughry, the second 802 Chair. On the left is Bob 
>Stewart, who explained to me how he had initiated 802, recruited the first 
>chair (Maris Graube), and created the "dot" group concept. Maybe the 802 
>veterans out there know more of the story.

Nice photo, but you didn't say who was the guy in the red shirt ;-)