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[802SEC] ballot PASSES +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ MOTION: Authorize forwarding of P1802.16.1/D2-2002 to Sponsor Ballot

Dear SEC,

The vote tally as of the close of the ballot, 5PM EST Jan 25 2003:

   Vote categories:    DIS    DNV    APP    ABS
01 Geoff Thompson             DNV
02 Mat Sherman                       APP
03 Buzz Rigsbee                      APP
04 Bob O'Hara                        APP
05 Bill Quackenbush                  APP
06 Tony Jeffree                      APP
07 Bob Grow                          APP
08 Stuart Kerry                      APP
00 Bob Heile                         APP
10 Roger Marks                       APP
11 Mike Takefman                     APP
12 Carl Stevenson                    APP
13 Jim Lansford                      APP
14 Mark Klerer                       APP
                total: -0-    -1-    -13-   -0-

8 APPROVES required to PASS, 13 APPROVES received, the motion passes.

--Paul Nikolich
----- Original Message -----
To: IEEE802
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 4:51 PM
Subject: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ MOTION: Authorize forwarding of P1802.16.1/D2-2002 to Sponsor Ballot

Dear SEC,

This is a 10 day SEC email ballot to make a determination on the below SEC motion to forward IEEEE P1802.16.1/D2-2002 to LMSC Sponsor Ballot, moved by Roger Marks, seconded by Mike Takefman. 
The email ballot opens on Wednesday January 15 2003 5PM EST and closes Saturday January 25 2003 5PM EST.

Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector.


--Paul Nikolich
MOVER: Roger Marks    SECONDER: Mike Takefman

MOTION: To forward IEEE P1802.16.1/D2-2002 ("Draft Standard for
Conformance to IEEE Standard 802.16 - Part 1: Protocol Implementation
Conformance Statements for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface")
for Sponsor Ballot.

Here is an explanation:

The Working Group Letter Ballot results are clean. 802.16's Letter
Ballot #9 ("To forward IEEE P1802.16.1/D1-2002 for LMSC Sponsor
Ballot") ran from 21 Nov to 21 Dec. The results were:

Approve: 41   Disapprove: 0   Approval Ratio: 100% [75% required]
Abstain: 8    Ballots: 49     Return Ratio:    59% [50% required]
Comments: 77

Responses were developed by a Ballot Resolution Committee, and
P1802.16.1/D2 was issued. The comments, responses, and draft were
subject to 15-day Recirculation Ballot #9a (31 Dec 2002 - 14 Jan
2003). No responses were received. Therefore, the ballot is closed
and final.

For a full report of the Letter Ballot, see

Roger is asking for an email vote instead of waiting until the March
meeting because Roger believes that approval will give us an excellent
chance of making the 14 April RevCom deadline. Here is the schedule:

The Sponsor Ballot Group is already in place.