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[802SEC] Coexistence "Call to Arms"

Hi Everyone,


This e-mail is primarily directed at the Wireless chairs, though everyone is welcome to comment.


Recently we have started a Coexistence TAG to deal with wireless coexistence issues.  Jim Lansford is doing a great job of Chairing that TAG, but he has been short handed, and bogged down with start up issues such as a charter and operating rules.  Coexistence topics seem to be a key bone of contention between wireless groups, and recently I’ve heard a number of individuals complain that they really don’t understand what is expected of a group regarding coexistence.  We need a “Coexistence Guideline” for 802.  Actually, such a guideline is a goal for 802.19 – They just haven’t had time to deal with it yet.  Given the number of coexistence related concerns I’ve heard expressed recently, I feel that this cannot wait for the startup issues in 802.19 to get resolved.


Accordingly, I am going to try and “jump start” the process.  I plan to make a contribution (if it is mature enough and in scope) to Jim’s group towards the end of the March plenary session as the basis for a coexistence guideline.  Since coexistence is a cross working group issue, I’d really like input from all the Wireless groups to incorporate into this document (particularly from the leadership of these groups).   Accordingly, I’m passing around (attached to this e-mail) an outline for a contribution to Jim’s group that I hope will form the basis of a coexistence guideline.  Please provide any feedback you (or your WG) may have on this documents.  I will try to faithfully capture all the comments I receive.  I plan to organize an 802.0 level working session early in the March plenary on the coexistence guideline and present any comments / inputs I receive.  Stuart will also be working with me to organize this little session.  I hope to then take the output of that session and submit it to Jim’s group for their review and comment.  Note that the Guideline should describe the inter-working group process to be followed and issues to be addressed.  It should be very top level, and not try to describe/recommend actual coexistence solutions.  It is process focused.  As such, I am hopeful that it will not be a very lengthy document, and that we will be able to get a working draft in place relatively quickly.


Anyway, this is my game plan at the moment.  I encourage comment from the SEC on both my plan, and the document.


Best Regards,





Matthew Sherman
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