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FW: [802SEC] +++ SEC Rules Change Letter Ballot +++ Ballot on SEC electronic balloting

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I vote DISAPPROVE on the basis of other comments that I expect to have fixed

as well as...

In 3.4.2 (as well as elsewhere in the P&P) there is no text dealing with how we have to handle comments from those LMSC members (or others) who are not on the SEC. This needs to be handled with something like:
"All comments from those outside the membership of the SEC shall be considered. Commenters from outside the voting membership of the SEC are urged to seek to have a voter (normally their Working Group Chair) include commenter's viewpoint in their vote."
I am thinking we should say what happens when and if a WG Chair (or someone jumping in to sure the deadline is met) DOESN'T  get the material forwarded to a WG reflector within 5 days. Do we invalidate the ballot? This would equivalent to a pocket veto and a bad idea. We could bump the schedule on the basis of the last distribution date but that gets complicated and could invalidate a rules ballot on the basis of late closing date. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this. I would like to discuss this during the rules meeting. I do hope, however, that we can avoid deep-ending on the issue. Posting ballots on the web-site would help some.

In: Electronic Balloting
"Executive Committee Ballots shall be conducted by electronic means."
needs to be changed to:
"Executive Committee Ballots between plenaries shall be conducted by electronic means."
to suitably distinguish them from votes in SEC session.

New change in 3.6.3 while we are in the neighborhood
"to close thirty (30) days prior to the next Plenary Session"
needs to be changed to:
"to close at least thirty (30) days prior to the next Plenary Session"


At 10:41 AM 1/6/2003 -0500, wrote:
Dear SEC members,

Attached you will find the text for an SEC rules change letter ballot on SEC Electronic Balloting.  This letter ballot was approved at the Friday, November 15, 2002 plenary session.  I have made some minor editorial changes to the text originally presented (inserted dates / corrected grammar).  The ballot relates to a prior letter ballot on the same subject but (as explained in the letter ballot text) it is substantially changed.

The scope and purpose of the changes being balloted are as follows:

Purpose: To facilitate the SEC consensus process.

Scope:  To clarify and improve the SEC process for balloting.

The ballot opens today - January 6, 2003 and closes February 6, 2003 12 at 11:59 PM EDT. (remember if you do not vote or abstain it is equivalent to a DISAPPROVE vote).  Buzz, please ensure this gets sent to the "802ALL" email list as well.  WG chairs, if you haven't already done so, please invite your WG members to comment through you. 




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