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RE: [802SEC] Awards for Standards Work--move from opening plenary meetingto Wed eve social


I support Bobs' viewpoint on this one. As I feel like him, some members
either do not attend the social, or indeed are not at the social for the
speeches or indeed are unaware that they are going on because of their
discussions they may be involved in, or because of the high ambient noise
they cannot hear them. Let alone the food that is there in front of them.

My six cents is do as Bob suggested to post the recognition at the opening
plenary, and on the 802 web site. Then for the presentations to be made
during the WG plenaries, by the WG Chair and if available a member of the
leadership of the SEC.

/ Stuart

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03/03/2003 16:41

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Most socials are worthless for getting any mindshare of attendees.  What we now have is hundreds of people talking most oblivious to something presentation going on.  The social environment does not lend itself to a receipient being recognized.  If we don't have time in the 802 plenary, perhaps have an 802 plenary slide listing the recognitions and then actually award the plaques in the WG meetings.
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Paul Nikolich []
Monday, March 03, 2003 3:54 PM
[802SEC] Awards for Standards Work--move from opening plenary meeting to Wed eve social

Dear SEC,
Instead of giving the awards out during the opening plenary, I am recommending we reserve time during the Wednesday evening social to issue the awards.  This will give the Chairs more time to honor those receiving the awards, as opposed to the rushed process we normally go through during the opening plenary meeting.
Any objections?
--Paul Nikolich