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Re: [802SEC] Awards for Standards Work--move from opening plenary meeting to Wed eve social


Rather than an objection, I would put forth an observation.
In the past the attempts by the 802 Chair and other members of "the establishment" to command the attention of the revelers have been spectacularly unsuccessful, often painfully/embarrassingly so.

The folks who work hard all week consider this their one time when they don't have to work.

I think this is a non-starter.


At 06:53 PM 3/3/2003 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear SEC,
Instead of giving the awards out during the opening plenary, I am recommending we reserve time during the Wednesday evening social to issue the awards.  This will give the Chairs more time to honor those receiving the awards, as opposed to the rushed process we normally go through during the opening plenary meeting.
Any objections?
--Paul Nikolich