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Re: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal


with regard to WG chairs informing other chairs of deadbeats.

I have yet to have a dead-beat for more than 1 week following
my meetings. In fact, this was the only deadbeat I have ever
had and the meeting planners did a great job of hunting 
them down. I am assuming that the global list of deadbeats
is a short one!

If the meeting planners for plenary meetings are responsible for
maintaining the list for plenaries, I think it is a relatively
easy job for WG chairs to inform them of a deadbeat following
an interim meeting. 

It should not be too hard for a WG chair to get this list
during an interim meeting and check against it to determine
a cross WG deadbeat.

It should then be the responsability of the deadbeat to go
to each dot group once they are in good books to get any
retroactive credit if applicable.


"Grow, Bob" wrote:

> 3.  Sanctions list (second list or 6.0), item 2).  We have deviated from a global deadbeat list and moved to the meeting planners handling deadbeats directly with the WG chair where sign-in occurred.  Is there an easy mechanism to aid WG chairs in determining when for example a 802.1 deadbeat first shows up at an 802.3 meeting that I shouldn't be granting attendance credit?

> 6.  Note also that to enforce a global loss of attendance accrual, WG chairs will have to report interim meeting deadbeats for consolidation onto the global deadbeat list.

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