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RE: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal

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From: Rigsbee, Everett O []
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 3:41 PM
To: Geoff Thompson
Cc: Bill Quackenbush; IEEE 802 SEC
Subject: RE: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal

Geoff,  I believe the intention was to achieve a uniform requirement for payment of announced meeting fees, whether for plenaries or for interims, so that we might have some basis for uniform enforcement to protect both IEEE 802 and our hosting companies from non-cooperative deadbeats. 


> I agree ... that was certainly my goal (I've already had a would-be deadbeat try to attend one of my meetings ... he was told that to be in the meeting, he'd

> have to produce a badge as proof of registration ... he left rather than pay the registration fee).


A consistent policy is always easier to enforce uniformly than a plethora of committee specific rules that vary from group to group.  


> Again I agree ... a consistent policy is needed both so everyone can be told up front what the rules are and also for enforcement.


 If we want to encourage hosts to continue to volunteer, we need to offer them at least some basis for fee enforcement to protect their downside. 


> I think we do owe those who host our interims a basis for fee enforcement.  Simply showing someone the door isn't enough ... there should be

> some penalty (loss of voting rights ... or a "negative credit" that non-voting deadbeats would have to additionally overcome, for example)


> At the wireless interims, we've had "loaner" wireless cards ... we take a credit card as a deposit ... and we deliberately made the (duly-noticed)

> charge for not returning the card punative, for the purpose of encouraging folks to return them, rather than considering us a convenient "store"

> from which to "buy" their cards ...


I think Bill's proposal does that very nicely without getting too cumbersome. 



Thanx,  Buzz

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