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Re: [802SEC] Geoff Thompson is appointed interim chair of 802.20

Title: Re: [802SEC] Geoff Thompson is appointed interim chair
The 802.20 officer positions resulting from the March 13, 2003 election results were not affirmed by the IEEE 802 Executive Committee.  The Chair has appointed and the Executive Committee has affirmed the appointment of Geoff Thompson <> as interim chair of 802.20.  Mr. Thompson will be acting as interim chair until new elections are held.  The date for new elections will be announced at a later date, but the elections will not occur before the July 2003 Plenary.
--Paul Nikolich
Chairman, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee


I would like to summarize the arguments I heard articulated in the Closing SEC Meeting.

On the one hand, the vote was conducted fully in accordance with all the rules and under the auspices of the SEC leadership, the voters were all authorized to vote, and the results were unambiguous. This is unchallenged.

On the other hand:

*Many of the voters did not attend meetings of the 802 MBWA Study Group.
*Some of the voters may have been less than fully aware of the background.
*Many of the participants work for companies in the communications industry, or have no traceable business interest in the issues.
*It's possible that some voters may have voted in alignment with their business interests.
*It could be that some of the participants discussed the issue before the meeting.
*Leaders may have advocated positions with voters before the meeting.
*Some people were surprised by the result.
*Some people don't feel right about the whole thing.
*There is no record of how each individual voter voted, so the voters are not accountable.

Do you catch the irony here? If not, then take another look at the description above and see if it applies to the SEC vote voiding the 802.20 elections.