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[802SEC] Fwd: Sponsor Policies and Procedures


My most strict read of this is that, every time we formally effect a change 
to the LMSC P&P, we have to submit our updated/current P&P and then can not 
submit a PAR until we get an OK back -OR- a six month time expires.

This procedure seems to be not well thought out with respect to the P&P of 
a highly active group (such as ours) whose P&P are under continuous 
improvement. The worst case effect of this could be that we could only put 
changes into effect once a year and could only submit PARs during a window 
that was open 6 months after that until the next rule change date.

I doubt that the SA intended this policy to be that restrictive.


We should probably mention this at ProCom/AudCom and the SA-SB next week.


>Subject: Sponsor Policies and Procedures
>Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:01:02 -0500
>Hi Everyone:
>This is a reminder that at the 12 September 2002 IEEE-SA Standards Board 
>meeting, the following change was approved regarding PAR submissions to 
>NesCom effective 1 January 2003.  As a practical matter,  NesCom will not 
>enforce this until after the 20 March 2003 IEEE-SA Standards Board 
>meeting. After that time, PARs received by NesCom from a sponsor that is 
>not in compliance with clause of the 2003 edition of the IEEE-SA 
>Operations Manual will be returned to the sponsor.
>The following two clauses, taken from the IEEE-SA Operations Manual, are 
>provided for your information.
>4.2.4 Audit Committee (AudCom)
>This committee shall make routine reviews and inspections to assure that 
>each standards-developing entity, through its Sponsor policies and 
>procedures (P & P), is adhering to the procedures described in the IEEE-SA 
>Standards Board Bylaws and the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual. 
>It will make recommendations as appropriate to advise the 
>standards-developing entities of changes that are needed. The committee 
>shall periodically issue reports to the IEEE-SA Standards Board, 
>summarizing its findings and making recommendations as appropriate for 
>Standards Board action.
> AudCom review of Sponsor P & P
>The Sponsor shall ensure that its P & P have been reviewed and accepted by 
>AudCom or have been submitted for review a minimum of six months prior to 
>the submission of any PARs to NesCom. NesCom will not review PARs 
>submitted by Sponsors whose P & P have not been accepted by AudCom unless 
>the Sponsor's P & P have been submitted and have been under review by 
>AudCom for at least six months without a recommendation to the Sponsor. 
>Any revised P & P shall be submitted to AudCom for review and acceptance.
>If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Rona Gertz 
>Thank you,
>Rona I. Gertz
>Manager, IEEE-SA Governance
>IEEE Standards Activities
>+1 732 562 3808 (phone); +1 732 562 1571 (fax)
>IEEE Standards web site:

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