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[802SEC] RE: Sponsor Policies and Procedures


Do you know what day next week would be the appropriate day to raise
this.  I'll probably try to attend the SA meeting on that day since it
is local for me.  I do think we should discuss it with them.



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Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 3:51 PM
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Subject: Fwd: Sponsor Policies and Procedures


My most strict read of this is that, every time we formally effect a
to the LMSC P&P, we have to submit our updated/current P&P and then can
submit a PAR until we get an OK back -OR- a six month time expires.

This procedure seems to be not well thought out with respect to the P&P
a highly active group (such as ours) whose P&P are under continuous 
improvement. The worst case effect of this could be that we could only
changes into effect once a year and could only submit PARs during a
that was open 6 months after that until the next rule change date.

I doubt that the SA intended this policy to be that restrictive.


We should probably mention this at ProCom/AudCom and the SA-SB next


>Subject: Sponsor Policies and Procedures
>Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:01:02 -0500
>Hi Everyone:
>This is a reminder that at the 12 September 2002 IEEE-SA Standards
>meeting, the following change was approved regarding PAR submissions to

>NesCom effective 1 January 2003.  As a practical matter,  NesCom will
>enforce this until after the 20 March 2003 IEEE-SA Standards Board 
>meeting. After that time, PARs received by NesCom from a sponsor that
>not in compliance with clause of the 2003 edition of the
>Operations Manual will be returned to the sponsor.
>The following two clauses, taken from the IEEE-SA Operations Manual,
>provided for your information.
>4.2.4 Audit Committee (AudCom)
>This committee shall make routine reviews and inspections to assure
>each standards-developing entity, through its Sponsor policies and 
>procedures (P & P), is adhering to the procedures described in the
>Standards Board Bylaws and the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations
>It will make recommendations as appropriate to advise the 
>standards-developing entities of changes that are needed. The committee

>shall periodically issue reports to the IEEE-SA Standards Board, 
>summarizing its findings and making recommendations as appropriate for 
>Standards Board action.
> AudCom review of Sponsor P & P
>The Sponsor shall ensure that its P & P have been reviewed and accepted
>AudCom or have been submitted for review a minimum of six months prior
>the submission of any PARs to NesCom. NesCom will not review PARs 
>submitted by Sponsors whose P & P have not been accepted by AudCom
>the Sponsor's P & P have been submitted and have been under review by 
>AudCom for at least six months without a recommendation to the Sponsor.

>Any revised P & P shall be submitted to AudCom for review and
>If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Rona
>Thank you,
>Rona I. Gertz
>Manager, IEEE-SA Governance
>IEEE Standards Activities
>+1 732 562 3808 (phone); +1 732 562 1571 (fax)
>IEEE Standards web site:

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