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Re: [802SEC] Final 802.16 Content for March 2003 IEEE 802 News Bulletin

Hi Tony,
We moved the draft to a protected area last week.

Please go to the following address.

User Name: 802review
Password: 802review


Karen McCabe
Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
PH: +1 732 562 3824

                    Tony Jeffree                                                                                                
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                    owner-stds-802-sec@majordom       Subject:     Re: [802SEC] Final 802.16 Content for March 2003 IEEE 802    
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                    03/17/2003 02:12 PM                                                                                         

Mark -

The draft page seems to be no longer available. has it been found a
protected home yet?


At 23:06 17/03/2003 +0900, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>I have completed the final 802.16 input for the 802 News Bulletin.
>I have done so by simply editing the HTML from the draft bulletin. I have
>mounted this here:
>It can be downloaded and pasted in.
>P.S. I'll also be submitted a brief writeup for the ECSG on Handoff.
>At 9:48 AM -0500 03/02/26, Mark Klerer wrote:
>>802 Leadership,
>>The deadline for initial submissions to the News Bulletin has passed and
>>I have only received inputs from 802.1, 802.16, 802.18 and 802.20. It is
>>important that we stay in control of 802's image in the press. To do this

>>effectively we need to be able to produce a quality bulletin in a timely
>>manner. Please help me and the IEEE staff to produce this bulletin. If
>>you need assistance or have any questions please call me and let's
>>discuss that.
>>Again, Thanks to those of you that have already delivered.
>>Mark Klerer
>>News Bulletin POC
>>802 Leadership,
>>I have agreed to assume the responsibility for acting as point of contact

>>for the production of the IEEE 802 News Bulletin. First I would like to
>>thank Roger for having acted in this capacity for the previous bulletins
>>and handing over a well managed process. I would also like to thank Karen

>>McCabe, of the IEEE staff, and Michael Bratnick of CoreCom PR for their
>>past efforts. I am confident that, with your cooperation, we will be able

>>to continue to have a timely and informative news bulletin that will
>>allow 802 to manage the messaging that we release to the press.
>>The time has come to begin developing the March 802 News Bulletin. As
>>stated above, I would like to solicit your cooperation in getting a jump
>>on this activity and have a preliminary draft of what you expect to
>>accomplish at the March meeting available for me by 24 February 2003.
>>  To facilitate the editing task please note the following:
>>1.      Try to follow the general format and style of the previous issue
>>2.      Try to succinctly communicate key accomplishments and milestones
>>of your projects. Please include all accomplishments since the last
>>3.      Final updates to the material will be due 19 March 2003
>>Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
>>Mark Klerer
>>+1 908-997-2069
>>PS: If you would like me to communicate directly with your TG chairs for
>>input please send me their contact information and I will do that.
>>Otherwise I look to you to provide the input for your respective TGs.