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[802SEC] 802-SEC reflector delay


I recognize that some/many/most of you may have little interest in this
topic, but I find my recent experience with my emails on "802.20
affirmation" rather curious.

As you probably know, I sent an email on the above topic Tuesday and
then resent the email on Wednesday as I had not received my copy for the
initial email from the 802-SEC reflector.  I have now received my copy
from both transmissions, but after significant delays (> 34 hours and >
13 hours).  Just for amusement, I asked Buzz Rigsbee for his copies on
the emails.  The total end to end delays for his copies were both under
7 minutes.  (The delays times were extracted from the complete email
headers.  All times were converted to GMT.)  The details are in the
following table

Any thoughts?  Maybe I have the wrong karma.



In the following table, dates are in the format YYMMDD and
times are in the format HH:MM:SS.  All event times are GMT.

            Initial     Initial     Resent      Resent
Event/      email to    email to    email to    email to  
Item        wlq         Buzz        wlq         Buzz
------      --------    --------    --------    --------

Sent        030318      030318      030319      030319
            19:11:55    19:11:55    15:16:29    15:16:29

Received    030318      030318      030319      030319
by 802-SEC  19:12:02    19:12:02    15:56:32    15:56:32

Received    030320      030318      030320      030319
from        05:32:08    19:17:42    05:24:23    15:59:07

Last        030320      030318      030320      030320
timestamp   05:32:08    19:18:28    05:24:23    15:59:15
in header

Total path  34:20:13    00:06:33    13:27:54    00:02:46

802-SEC     34:20:06    00:05:40    13:27:51    00:02:35