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[802SEC] 802.20 current proposal under consideration

Dear SEC,
For your information attached below is the current proposal to move forward with the 802.20 Working Group, given that Geoff will not be able to assume the interim chair role.  Geoff, Mark, Jerry and I are working to finalize it by next week.
--Paul Nikolich
Chairman, LMSC
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Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 6:48 PM
Subject: notes from the April 2, 2003 teleconference

Attached are my notes from the April 2, 2003 teleconference Geoff, Mark, Jerry and I had.  I have included Gang Wu and Eshwar Pittampali (the elected, but not confirmed 802.20 vice chairs) on this email as they have indicated to me they are interested in these discussions.  I will publish these notes on the SEC reflector tomorrow, after you have had a chance to review them.
The revised (from the 3/24/03 email) proposal as discussed during the phone conversation with Geoff, Jerry, Mark and Paul on April 2, 2003:


1) Geoff cannot serve as Interim Chair, but he is committed act as mentor for 802.20

1.1) Geoff will represent the interestest of 802.20 before the SEC.

1.2) Geoff will act as a mentor for the interim vice chairs and new officers (when elected)

1.3) Geoff will preside over the election of officers for 802.20 at the July plenary

1.4) The interim vice-chairs will shoulder all of the work in managing the day-to-day operations of the 802.20 WG, Geoff and Paul will provide oversight and guidance only. 

1.5) Paul Nikolich and Geoff will have weekly conference calls with the interim co-vice chairs to monitor progress and provide assistance as needed.


2) The interim vice chairs are proposed to be Klerer and Upton

2.1) this depends on if Klerer and Upton agree to being so appointed.  Klerer has agreed, Upton is considering the proposal and will give a definite answer by April 9th but sooner if possible.  If Upton declines, Nikolich will attempt to fill that role with another person.

2.2) this depends on confirmation from the SEC of the interim vice chairs

2.3) the interim vice chairs will manage the detailed day-to-day operations of the WG.  Geoff, Paul and the interim vice-chairs will figure out how to divide the work among the interim vice chairs and to deterimine what addtional leadership roles may be needed

2.4) the first responsibility of the interim vice chairs is to publish the proposed work plan for 802.20 and decide on the agenda of the May interim session.


3) 802.20 constraints

3.1) Membership will be gained and retained per the SEC's interpretation of the LMSC Membership rules (in process by Mat Sherman)

3.2) Until elected/confirmed 802.20 officers are in place, all external communications and actions from 802.20 shall be approved by the SEC.

3.3) no PARs no liaison statements, no press statements


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.




--Paul Nikolich